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I can’t believe my wedding has come and gone. I remember when we were 300 days away! It blows my mind that we said “I DO” over a month ago. Everyone always tells you, “Enjoy the process because it will fly by!”. Well, they were right! I soaked up every single minute of planning, every trip to Philadelphia and every conversation over wine with Adam’s parents. I will never forget the feelings I had, the moments we shared and the memories we made leading up to the big day.


As I reminisce about our magical day, I also am looking back on the things I wish I had done differently or lessons I learned throughout the process. I did plenty of research while planning and I took advice from 50 different people. Everyone will have a different opinion and a different outlook.


Some people will tell you not to spend money on something, but to you it may be more important than it was for them. Others will tell you to choose certain vendors or do certain things a certain way. It’s all relative. You have to take everything sparingly and with a grain of salt. You use all the advice and find what works best for YOU.



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As for me, I was lucky enough to have an amazing mother-in-law who really didn’t give her two cents on anything but the rehearsal. She just wanted me to be happy. This was truly amazing. I know many family members can interject about the process. I also have an unbelievable husband who truly let me do whatever I wanted. He helped with a few details but all in all our wedding was a dream come true.


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1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am sure everyone says this but it’s so true. I had all these grand ideas about little details for the day that in the end didn’t even happen. I wanted to do all these things I saw on pinterest or staged wedding shoots..but in the end those little details cost a lot of money and more importantly time. I got married out of state, so if I didn’t have the help of my family (mainly my amazing aunt Sharon) I wouldn’t have pulled it off. In the end the small details didn’t even matter.


The reception was unbelievable and the most important parts were the music, food and photographer. Case in point, those $2 name plates, or $500 worth of favors really aren’t necessary if they exceed your budget. No one even notices. I promise.



2. Don’t “over plan’. So, I hired a “day of coordinator” to handle little details the day of so I wouldn’t have any stress. I also had a maitre’d that was included with the venue. I knew the maitre’d was also helping with the organization and flow but didn’t understand to what extent. I wish I had talked to pervious brides at that venue to ask how involved he would be.

I ended up having my coordinator and him butting heads at times. The maitre’d had gone through hundreds of weddings at this location and knew what worked. The coordinator and him clearly were not on the same page and it caused some confusion. I wish I had had a call with both of them ahead of time or not had the coordinator all together. Don’t get me wrong, she was AMAZING but the venue had everything pretty much all done for me. Check with your venue and see if this is something they do because its a major help and will make all the difference on your big day.


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3. Don’t starve yourself before your wedding. I did this…but not on purpose. I didn’t eat as much mainly because I started a new job and along with that was working crazy new hours. I was so busy with work I often forgot to eat and was working out extra for the big day so I lost weight, fast. And don’t get me wrong, I felt like I looked great and loved the way I felt in my dresses BUT not how I felt overall.


I knew I needed to eat at our wedding because we spent a lot of money on food and EVERYONE tells you to remember to eat…but I was used to not eating a ton so I couldn’t even eat a lot before I got full. This was also along with a gazillion glasses of champagne being shoved in my face all day. My advice is to just be healthy and eat in a calorie deficit if you want to drop weight. Fuel your body and work out simultaneously without starving yourself. Wedding food is way to delicious to miss out on. Lesson learned.


4. Bring eye drops. I have contacts, I had insane amounts of eye makeup on AND there were flashes going off every two minutes. I didn’t realize how dry and tired my eyes would get later in the night. I was in so much pain by the end of the reception I had to take my contacts out and go blind until we got back to the hotel. Then I wore my sexy (not at all) glasses for the after party. If you wear contacts, BRING EYE DROPS!



5. Don’t forget to TIP! My dad handled the venue so I assumed he tipped the maitre’d and the ladies who helped us. I reached out to our coordinator to find out that he simply forgot to tip them that night. The amount of attention we got that night was unbelievable. Adam and I always had a drink in our hands, food available and help when we needed it.


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The caterer we chose was PERFECTION. The wait staff was more than we could have ever imagined (shout out to Lisa and Thomas at Finley Catering). Because my dad forgot (open bar….) I simply sent checks in the mail with a thank you note. I also decided to send a little but extra to my beauty team for their help on our big day. All of these people are giving so much time and energy to make your day perfect, a little extra “thank you” goes a long way.


So those are the top 5 lessons I learned after my wedding. None of them are major or even truly significant but can make a difference if you are aware. I was lucky that nothing huge went wrong that day. We were lucky that everything went pretty smoothly. But the more you know, the better you can prepare for a seamless wedding and PERFECT day.


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Cheers, babes and happy planning.

See you next week,



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