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It’s been quite the whirlwind over the past few months. The day is finally here! I am so excited to share with you, Bridesy and THE BRIDESY BLOG! Okay, so some of you may be thinking, well…I’m not engaged. This blog isn’t just for brides or newly engaged couples…we’re going to talk about beauty, trends, photography, planning, marketing, social media, food (yes food!), fashion and weddings! If you’re in a wedding coming up, if you’re the mother of a bride, a sister, a newlywed or just a gal in love with all things bridal, this is the blog for you! 

As a bride-to-be myself, (Less than 3 weeks until the big day…ahhh!)  I am fully immersed in everything wedding and bridal. Ever since my fiancé and I got engaged in 2017 (I will have whole blog post about our proposal!), I have fallen in love with the wedding planning process and all things bridal! I love to write, tell stories and take pictures…so I knew a blog would be a perfect way for me to share with YOU my experiences and the things I have learned along the way.

I started a YouTube special called “Wedding Wednesdays” where I would share something new in my wedding planning process once a week. (I will link the videos below for you to watch for some extra inspiration!) I halted my Wedding Wednesdays to launch, Bridesy! So, now I can blend the two into one!  


While planning my wedding, I was constantly looking for ways to save money. I think we all can relate, right? I am always looking for a good bargain. (because I do have expensive taste sometimes and honestly being an adult isn’t cheap!) I also didn’t realize how much money this extravagant night was going to cost! So, all things aside, I was constantly online or in thrift stores looking for a cute white dress for my rehearsal dinner, some décor for my reception, shoes for a shower or jewelry for the big day. I kept thinking to myself, “Oh man, if only there was one place where I could go to shop all things bridal!”. (Not necessarily gowns but dresses for my bridal events, fun clothes for my bachelorette party and even décor for my reception that didn’t break the bank.) 


I was always thumbing through resale apps on my phone looking for used dresses I knew other brides would never wear again. (because in all honestly, how many times do we wear a white dress or a white gown? Am I right?) I quickly hopped online and searched frantically for what I was looking for.

There are some resell shops out there for brides but… Nothinglikethis

It was November 11th, the day before our one-year engagement anniversary. I texted my fiancé and said “Hey, I have an idea and its EPIC, hear me out!”. We started brainstorming ideas and playing with names. I texted my sister and she helped me finalize the vision, BRIDESY!

My sister, Renee, went to school for graphic design, art and marketing, so she immediately got moving on our design and website! Just 4 days later we were a registered business and working LLC! What originally was going to begin as an app, is now a full-fledged website and blog. (APP coming soon, that’s a whole different beast.)

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Brightside Pictures, we created a little video to show you what we’re all about!


Four months later, we are in motion! I am so excited for the future of Bridesy, LLC. I am excited to help brides find gorgeous additions to their wedding décor, cute dresses for their events and jewelry for their big day at 60% off retail. I am so excited for newlyweds to be able resell their goodies and make some extra cash after their wedding! All in all, this is a win for EVERYONE. I know wedding planning can get overwhelming, so were here to help save you money and help you look fabulous! 


So there it is! Cheers to 2019 babes; a year full of weddings, saving money, making money and sharing tons of inspiration. 

Thanks for visiting!  See you next week.



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