Real Wedding: Hattie and Alex


This weeks REAL wedding is a good friend from college, Hattie Hawks. Hattie and I interned at NBC, WCAU in Philadelphia when we were attending Temple University. Hattie was always so dedicated to her job, her work and school. She continues to inspire me and encourage me to never give up. She’s a phenomenal journalist and person. Even though we didn’t see each other often throughout the past 7 years, we continued to uplift each other in what is an often trying career. Now, years after college we have reunited at at NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio! I am lucky to call her a friend and share her love story with you!

These were taken at the NBC10 Holiday party in 2010. Ed is and was one of our mentors throughout college.

Hattie was a stunning bride and their wedding was picture perfect. Enjoy.


Hattie and Alex Hawks: June 17th, 2016


Photography by: Dan Cook


We met at my first job as a reporter in Winchester VA — He just got out of the service and was living near family and going to school. I’m from the Philly area and he’s from Columbus, Ohio!


He insisted we go to our local park on a beautiful Friday night. I wasn’t feeling well so the fact that we just HAD to go was a red flag. So despite having a fever, I changed my clothes, painted my nails and went along. We talked until just before sunset — he got down on one knee and popped the question!


Budgeting (preach girl.)


The Inn at Leola Village — We used my parents minister because we didn’t have our own and my mom asked if we would.



WARNING: Always ask what they are going to say. I’m talking almost word for word or at least know the subject matter. They shape the service and we were unpleasantly surprised with the tone of our service. If we were to go back and do it again we would spend more time considering the right person to officiate our big day and have it be way more personal.

We did add a unity candle lighting  and had a friend of mine sing “the wedding song” during it — it was beautiful and we loved that part.




The reception! Great food and lots of dancing!




Photography by: Dan Cook


8 bridesmaids — they wore mismatched mint, lace and chiffon dresses from David’s Bridal.




Spend more time on finding the right person to officiate the wedding, hire a videographer, not spend as much on bridesmaid gifts (only buy them one meaningful thing. I spent way too much stuff on things they probably have in their junk drawer right now.)



Focus on what will shape the tone and day of your wedding — don’t get caught up in the small details that people will likely never remember, stay organized and know it’s going to be the best day of your life no matter what.


A few years later, Hattie and Alex are also new parents to a beautiful baby boy. Hattie is a news anchor in Columbus, Ohio and her hubby is in law school.


Florist: The Inn at Leola Village

DJ/Band: VIP DJ Entertainment

Planner: The Inn at Leola Village

Venue: The Inn at Leola Village

Makeup: Mandy Katherina

Hair: Nancy Katherina

Caterer: The Inn at Leola Village

Photographer: Family Friend, Dan Cook



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