Post Wedding Name Change; HOW TO!


I am married! How in the heck do I start this name change thing? The time leading up to the wedding is a LONG process and so will be changing your name, legally!

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After my wedding I realized how long this name change process could take so I immediately started. As for me, I had to order a new social security card, so my process extended an extra month. But for most of you it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, some tedious forms and some patience.

I want to make sure you newlyweds out there are prepared for what’s ahead after you tie the knot! Here is a step by step explanation of how to start the name change process stress free! It is time consuming but once you finish step 1 and 2 the rest should be simple.

step one

First you will need a copy of your marriage certificate. This is completely different than your marriage license! Once the state receives your license they will certify it and send you your marriage certificate. (You are not “legally” married until you get this document) Also, make sure you’re not in a city or state where you need to physically go to get it certified. {Many states don’t require your presence after your get your license but some may so make a call before the wedding to check.}


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Now that you have that, it’s time to change your name on your social security card. Go to the social security office (mark off some time, there is usually a long line). You will need your marriage certificate, (proof of your name change), proof of U.S. Citizenship (i.e social security card or passport), U.S. Drivers license and another document with your full name and social (i.e work check stub, tax document like W-2). You must present the ORIGINAL documents, not copies.



Now let’s move on to your license. License changes require different documents in different states. Check with your states OMV/DMV to see what you need to change your name on your license. Usually, it will be your social security card, license and proof of residency.


Passport! This isn’t something you need to do but if you plan on traveling out of the country you might as well get it done sooner than later. The process can take up to 2 months.

You need the form online DS-11. You can get that here. Evidence of U.S.Residency. You also need your original name change document (your marriage certificate). Valid ID. and lastly, a color passport photo.




Change everything else! Make sure all your credit cards, bank accounts, airline apps ect are switched as well!

If you don’t have time for any of this or get overwhelmed easily there are services that will do it for you. There are services that make it as easy ad painless as possible for the busy Mrs. We’ve linked some of those companies below for your convenience!

  1. Hitch Switch
  2. Miss Now Mrs
  3. I’m a Mrs
  4. Easy Name Change
  5. Name Change Kit

Congrats on your recent wedding and cheers to life married!



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