Picking your wedding dress! Do’s and Don’ts!


This is something I have been so excited to write about; picking your PERFECT wedding dress!

This is one of the MOST exciting parts of planning your wedding. It’s the moment the “I am getting married” realization will truly hit you! I never really looked at wedding gowns or even thought about it my entire life. Some ladies will dream about their perfect gown from the time they are a little girl. Others, like me, won’t start looking or even thinking about it until you have that ring on your finger and the perfect man by your side.


The bridal market is growing each year and is worth billions of dollars. Your wedding gown is a major part of that. I had no idea how much gowns would cost or the process it would take to get one! Dresses can set you back anywhere from $500 to upwards of $20,000. {Yes, I had no idea people would actually buy a dress for that much but it happens.}


I was lucky enough to have my best friend fly in after my engagement and take me on my first wedding dress shopping experience! {She surprised me! It was the most amazing 36 hours!} I went into this appointment with no expectations or no idea of what I wanted. In my mind it was just a fun experience and a first look at whats out there. At that point I didn’t even have time to scour Instagram or pinterest, so I was open to it all.


I had a crazy experience finding my wedding dress and I also learned a lot from the whole experience. Here are the do’s and don’ts to think about when you’re choosing your dress. {Believe me, I wish I knew some of these before I started my wedding dress hunt.}

Here is a link to my dress shopping VLOG!


This is a HUGE Don’t: Don’t go into a bridal appointment with a specific dress or style you’re fixated on! After my first appointment I went looking for a dress with specific requrements. I refused to even consider dresses outside of what I {in my head} knew I wanted. In my third appointment, my bridesmaid saw a dress in the window {opposite of what I had in mind} and said just try it, it doesn’t hurt. Well, I did and it was my dress!


SSM Photography

You have to go into the appointment with an open mind. There are thousands of styles, fabrics and designers out there. It’s hard to pinpoint what will look good on you and what you will feel your best in. Every single dress looks different on the model, so comparing that to you is unrealistic. You can have an idea of what you’re looking for but still try some dresses outside of your comfort zone. I promise, you’ll be happy you did.


Buy used! So, not every bride can afford a $8,000 dress from a top designer; it’s honestly not realistic. You will wear this dress ONE TIME! Wearing a used dress is not something frowned upon AT ALL. Most likely the dress will just need to be dry cleaned. There are brides out there who have purchased that dress for thousands and now are reselling it for half  or a fraction of the price. You can look stunning and get what you want without the huge price tag!

  1. Wear your moms dress or have it redesigned. This is a great idea to save money on your gown. It would cost  a fee hundred dollars to redesign a gown instead of buying a new one and would most likely mean the world to your mama!
  2. Buy from a sample sale! Sample sale gowns are all used; sometimes in amazing condition sometimes a little more beat up. It all depends on how many brides have tried it on and how long its been in that store. But, all in all buying a sample sale gown is a great way to save money! They usually cost under $1,000 for major designers and all you have to to is a little altering for your body (which you would do anyway if you buy new).
  3. Buy on a resale website, like Bridesy! The internet is your friend! There are so many brides out there ready to ditch their dress and make some extra cash. Head over to ShopBridesy and check out the gowns our former brides are trying to sell. Many brides will allow you to try it on first before the sale is final as well. This is a great way to get a dress you know you may love for a fraction of retail.
    1. Here are some dresses for sale from former brides!
      1. Under $1,000
      2. Under $500



I promise you, if you go over budget it won’t be good! There are far too many things for you to worry about and pay for during the wedding planning process for you to go over your budget. There are so many dresses out there at so many price ranges. If you know you have a budget of $2,000 don’t even try on ANYTHING that is more than that. Once you get your dress you, most likely, will have to alter it and that will cost you a lot as well. You will be able to find something in your price range, you may just have to be patient. The worst thing is trying on a dress you cant afford and not being able to get it.


Include your loved ones! {but not everyone…I promise you.}

The process should be fun! Having maybe your mom, or MOH but not the whole bridal party! If you’ve seen “Yes to the Dress” you understand this. There are always going to be opinions and sometimes they just aren’t necessary! You need to find the dress that speaks to you and having 10 ladies voice different opinions could alter how you feel about the dress YOU love. I think having up to 5 people is perfect and plenty! I found my dress with my aunt, grandma and one of nine bridesmaids; it was perfect!


Don’t pick a dress based on accessories or shoes….

Ugh, picking your shoes or jewelry first is NOT good idea. {This will limit you in so many ways.} You don’t even see your shoes! You should pick your jewelry after the dress to make sure it works. {….UNLESS you have an heirloom you know you will wear no matter what.}


Ledia Tashi Photography


Ledia Tashi Photography


Take into consideration your venue and time of year! If you’re getting married on a beach, maybe you shouldn’t be wearing a long sleeve dress? If you’re eloping at city call, maybe not a ball gown? There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing your gown. Don’t overlook these two. If you know you’re getting married in a barn, take into consideration all of the factors of a barn/outdoor wedding. If you’re getting married in the summer; maybe a long sleeve dress isn’t the smartest {unless you want some butt sweat}. But if you know you wont be outside at all then go for it girl! It’s all up to you but its very important to remember these two things when you’re looking.


Kseniya Berson


Ledia Tashi Photography


Don’t let someone else’s opinion dictate your choice.

Listen to your gut. If you know its the one, who cares what grandma has to say. I know you want to please everyone but in the end its your day! You need to find a dress YOU love and YOU feel good in. You’re the one wearing it. Yes, take their opinion into consideration but don’t let them be the game changer.


SSM Photography


Pick your dress 7-10 months before your big day!

It’s true. If you’re buying new or even used you should pick your dress way in advance. The store will have to order it and most likely it’s made to order and can take months. After that, it will need alterations. So in all honesty, it’s never too early.

{This dress was from Country Bride and Gent. The designer is Kitty Chen Couture.}

dontDon’t second guess your dress!

Whatever you do, don’t look on Instagram to go shopping after you have a gown. {I did this and regret it big time.} I was constantly worried about my gown and if I made the right decision. The thing is, there will ALWAYS be beautiful dresses, new dresses and different styles out there. You have your dress, you will look amazing no matter what, you can’t return it (90% of the time)…so just stay away from all of the designers for awhile.


I hope these tips will come in handy when you are looking for your wedding dress! It’s such an amazing experience and only {hopefully} will come once in your life. Savor the moment, listen to your gut and have fun!

Cheers babes.

See ya next week.




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