How To Sell and Buy

How to purchase an item without becoming a vendor:

Step 1 ) go to

Step 2 ) Shop! Collect the items you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.

Step 3) Click your shopping bag in the upper right hand corner of the website to check out or click “Process to checkout” if visible.

Step 4) Fill in billing and shipping information.

Step 5) If this is a gift please note that or other specific instructions in the provided box after all of the other information has been filed out.

Step 6) Proceed to “PayPal” powered check out!

Step 7) “ Click Pay Now”

Step 8) Save your Receipt number and confirmation! Wait for the seller to ship and you are all set!


Just sold an item? Here is what you do next!


Step1 ) You will receive an email stating you have sold an item! Congrats!

Step 2) Login to your account on

Step 3) Check your dashboard to see your sales!

Step 4) Click “orders” On your dashboard.

Step 5) Click the corresponding order number.

Step 6) Ship your item to the seller.

Step 7) Provide a shipping / tracking number within the order number in your dashboard ( see step 5)

Step 8 ) Once the item has been received by the buyer you will have 2 days for the order to process and then click on the withdrawal to access your funds!

Step 9) Please make sure under the “payment” tab your bank information is correct to receive funds. We are not liable for incorrect bank information and loss of funds if this information is not correct!


How to sign up as a vendor/seller to list your items for sale: 


Step1 ) Go to from a mobile device or computer.

Step 2) Click the “person” icon in the main menu bar (  the icon to the left of the shopping bag)

Step 3) The page will automatically open login and register. Click on “register” so that it is highlighted.

Step 4) Click ” I am a vendor” and the autofill item list with organically adjust.

Step 5) Fill in all of the corresponding information.

Step 6) Ship your item to the seller.

Step 7) Follow the email and website instructions to finish setting up your account! Note the dashboard progress bar to see how far in the set-up process you have made.


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