1.How do I sign up as a Seller/ Vendor?

Step 1:

Click on one of the following links.

  1. Sell your stuff
  2. Login
  3. Person Icon

If you are already logged in you will be prompted to add additional information to become a vendor.

Step 2: Click Register

Step 3: Click I am a vendor

If you are creating an account for the first time please click “Register”. During the registration period you must enter a complex password, Shop URL and contact information. If any of this information is “weak”, Incorrect or unavailable the process will stall. If you are clicking register and nothing happens please check all of the above fields.

Follow instructions on the second page to verify login. The next page will provide a nickname for you to use when you login to the page again.

2. How do I sell on Bridesy?

It’s easy! Just create your own account/store and list your items, update your personal information and wait for newly engaged ladies to buy your goodies.

3. How much does it cost to sell on Bridesy?

It costs NOTHING to create and account. Bridesy takes 15% of all sales to ensure your information is protected, you get the best customer service and your items are continuously being marketed to newly engaged ladies. We have a much lower percentage than a majority of the resale websites out there.

4. What forms of payment are accepted on Shop Bridesy?

You can purchase items with any credit card or PayPal account.

5. What happens if the item(s) I buy on Bridesy aren’t what I receive?

Please contact the seller to inquire about the mix up. Shop Bridesy is not liable for any sales on the website but we will help you get in touch with the store/person you purchased from to either fix the mix up or get you a refund.

6. What happens if I sell an item somewhere else?

All you have to do it remove the item from your store to ensure no one buys an already sold item.

7. I can’t reach a seller. Can you help?

Give the seller 5 days to respond to you. If a seller is still MIA we will reach out and try and get a hold of them for you. Also email us at shopbridesy@gmail.com if you are having issues.

8. What is the difference between street size and label size?

There are two sizes that often describe a wedding gown: The size on the label and the “street” size. This street size is the size the owner would buy most often if you shop at stores like Express or The Gap. Dress label sizing varies among designers so most dresses are listed by street size.

Gowns often run 1-2 sizes smaller than what you would be normally meaning you should size up 1-2 dress sizes when choosing your dress. It’s easier to take a dress in then to let it out.

9. Should I offer a return policy?

Yes. If you are a vendor on Bridesy, you can include a return policy within your store. This is up to you. You can offer full refunds, no returns, exchanges or store credits. We recommend refunds and a time limit on returns. Again, Shop Bridesy is not liable for returns or exchanges between a vendor and a customer. We would be happy to assist you to finding a return police that fits. Email us at shopbridesy@gmail.com

10. How do I edit my listing?

We will be uploading a video soon to explain how to edit and upload new listings to your store.

11. How can I attract buyers?

Taking photos of your item in good lighting is helpful. Making sure you get different angles as well. We will have a full blog post about how to ensure your items are getting the most attention from buyers.

12. Who pays for shipping?

The customer. We don’t handle shipping between customers and vendors. In the future we hope to team up with a postal service to handle this on our end but until then its up to the vendor to ship the item. The customer will pay the shipping cost set by the vendor.

13. How much does shipping cost?

It is often a set cost but sometimes vendors will decide that per order. It is usually based on item size and weight as well as location.

14. What’s the best way to ship an expensive item like a wedding dress?

It is good to ship more expensive gowns or items like jewelry via FedEx or UPS where you can get insurance on the items and ensure it’s intact when it arrives at the customers’ home. This is also up to the vendor but can be discussed with customers as well.

If you are still having issues please comment below with the issue so we can better assist you.


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