Danielle’s Proposal Story


It’s officially two days before my WEDDING (holy crap) so I am taking a step down memory lane and sharing my proposal story with you! 


I decided to invite some friends of ours over for game night. We sipped on wine (a lot of wine) and played cards against humanity. Of course, as the wine flowed, and we ended up splitting off; ladies inside and the men outside enjoying their cigars and whisky (little did I know they were talking about tomorrow). 

Adam told me to get out of bed and get ready to go to the park. He asked me earlier in the week to take the pups to Girard Park while the weather was still nice. Well, 4 bottles of wine the night before had me a little foggy Sunday. I brushed him off and asked for 30 more minutes of shut eye.

Finally, I pulled myself out of bed, headache and all. Adam was putting on khaki shorts and a cute t-shirt. I proceeded to ask him why he wasn’t going to just wear comfy clothes to the park. I threw on my workout attire and told him I HAD to get a workout in after this to sweat out all that booze. He kept telling me to put something else on and that he knew I was not going to work out. (He’s usually right. We end up cooking and hanging out on Sundays.)


We packed up the pooches and made a stop at Starbucks. We got the usual Sunday cold brews coffees, breakfast and puppachinos for the dogs. He asked if we could walk around UL first, of course I said why? (His original thought was to do it there, where he went to college) I said we should walk around the park first. We made a lap around and he kept looking for the little lake/pond in the middle.

I STILL AM OBLIVIOUS. We walked up to the dock as soon as everyone cleared out. There was literally not a soul in sight. B’SHERET! (The Yiddish term for “meant to be”)

We started chatting about the night before and how lucky we are to have such great friends in our lives. I told him myself and the girls were talking about moving to a new city one day and how it would be difficult to say good bye to each other (our friends).


(I may have blacked out a little here…)

He chimed in and said, speaking of our future and us…. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I  am ready to be with you every step of the way.

He pulled a ring out of his pocket, but I didn’t even look because I was still in complete shock. We always knew we were meant to be. When you get older you know sooner whether or not someone is worth your time and if they will be a part of your future. But even so I had no idea when he would lock it down!


I think he slightly blacked out as well. [Maybe he got down on one knee, it was a blur but yes…YES, he did!] He told me to look at the ring. I told him to put it on me and he did.



We stood there for a solid 10 minutes crying with each other and letting everything sink in.

(Where were our dogs during that whole thing? Who knows? hahahaaa.)

After he popped the question… 

After that he was like, “Let’s get the heck out of here, my parents are waiting for us!”
Of course, on the day I get proposed to I forget deodorant AND I am wearing mis-matched workout gear. #onlyme


We sat with his parents (who I can’t wait to be my in-laws), chatted about our future and what just happened! We met them for dinner at Dragos later that night. We celebrated with family, good champagne and wonderful well wishes from everyone we know.


Adam, I can’t wait to be your bride.


Your Fiancé 

Afterthought #1: Thank you, Dianna Rae and Chris (future mother-in-law) for helping my guy design out the PERFECT RING! It is everything I could have wanted plus much more. He’re the Love Story featured on Dianna’s Blog.


Afterthought #2. Ashley, Brooke and I were chatting the night before about everything. I told them if they ever knew when Adam would propose to make sure my nails were done. WELP. She called me that morning to get our nails done, I still didn’t think anything of it. Thank goodness for great friends. Love you guys!

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  • ByrliaMarch 19, 2019 at 9:09 pm

    You and your man were meant to be we will miss you but you are happy and thats all that matters

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