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Real Wedding: Ashley and Todd



It’s time to highlight one of my favorite and most cherished weddings so far in my life; Ashley and Todd’s wedding. Ashley and I have been friends since 7th grade. We’ve been through it all. From bad breakups, trying new things, getting in trouble, finding love, wedding dress shopping and countless moves, we’ve continued to stay close.

I was honored to be Ashley’s Maid of Honor at her wedding and she was my Matron of Honor at mine.


I remember the day Ashley told me about Todd. We were in college and she said he was “special” and that this time it was different. Well, 10 years later they are still going strong.

Ashley is the one constant in my life who before, Adam, was there for me no matter what. She’s an amazing person, friend, dog mom and wife. They always tell you to surround yourself with people who make you a better person, and she surely does.

So let’s get to it.

Ashley and Todd Lisowski June 25, 2016


I am from outside of Philadelphia, he is from a small town in Ohio. I lived with his first cousin and met his entire family through her. After spending some time with her aunts and uncles, her uncle introduced me to his son. We hit it off immediately and are still together 10 years later.




He can’t keep a secret. I knew it was coming, but not at the moment it did. I walked into our condo in Capitol Hill DC and there he was on his knee saying “Smashie, let’s get married!”



Country Bride and Gent, it was the BEST experience and they helped me pick my absolute dream dress!





Trying to make your family happy and learning so much about your wedding is more about making other people happy than doing what you want.


George Street Photography


Catholic Church, full mass. I wouldn’t recommend a full mass, it was way too long.



Seeing everyone that has made us who we are today together in one room.


George Street Photography


7 bridesmaids, they wore black long dresses with tulle and sparkles.



Not listen to everyone else’s opinion and do what felt right to me: i.e. full mass, don’t do a receiving line.



Have fun and remember what this whole thing is actually about. Don’t go broke trying to plan the perfect day, because it will be perfect with or without that extra thing no one else really cares about anyway. The day is about you and your spouse and your family/friends coming together as one. At the end of the day, when the party is over, you have each other, that is what the day is about. So enjoy the planning and don’t get stressed out over the little things, that’s not what the day is about.


George Street Photography

After a decade of dating and a wedding for the ages, Ashley and Todd now live and work in Columbus, Ohio. They are parents to a little pup named Ziggy!


Florist: Small florist in North Wales, PA. She was FANTASTIC! Her name is Jennifer, but not sure the rest of her info.

Band: Jellyroll. (They were worth every single penny! They kept my guests dancing and learned how to play every song that was important to us.)

Planner: None

Venue: Normandy Farm Hotel

Makeup: Local Philadelphia artist, I forget her name, but she was great!

Caterer: Normandy Farm

Photographer: George Street. (Honestly, they were AWFUL. I thought because they are a corporate company they really couldn’t screw it up. I didn’t get a single picture with my mom, my brother, my maid of honor, and we didn’t do any pictures outside at the venue, which is exactly why I wanted to get married there. He was absolutely awful and I would never recommend.)

Videographer: George Street (as with the photographer, the videographer was awful. During the reception we were about to go over time by 1 hour, we approved it but in order for him to ensure he would get paid he made us write down the approval on a napkin in the middle of the speeches. DO NOT USE GEORGE STREET.)

Real Wedding: Hattie and Alex


This weeks REAL wedding is a good friend from college, Hattie Hawks. Hattie and I interned at NBC, WCAU in Philadelphia when we were attending Temple University. Hattie was always so dedicated to her job, her work and school. She continues to inspire me and encourage me to never give up. She’s a phenomenal journalist and person. Even though we didn’t see each other often throughout the past 7 years, we continued to uplift each other in what is an often trying career. Now, years after college we have reunited at at NBC4 in Columbus, Ohio! I am lucky to call her a friend and share her love story with you!

These were taken at the NBC10 Holiday party in 2010. Ed is and was one of our mentors throughout college.

Hattie was a stunning bride and their wedding was picture perfect. Enjoy.


Hattie and Alex Hawks: June 17th, 2016


Photography by: Dan Cook


We met at my first job as a reporter in Winchester VA — He just got out of the service and was living near family and going to school. I’m from the Philly area and he’s from Columbus, Ohio!


He insisted we go to our local park on a beautiful Friday night. I wasn’t feeling well so the fact that we just HAD to go was a red flag. So despite having a fever, I changed my clothes, painted my nails and went along. We talked until just before sunset — he got down on one knee and popped the question!


Budgeting (preach girl.)


The Inn at Leola Village — We used my parents minister because we didn’t have our own and my mom asked if we would.



WARNING: Always ask what they are going to say. I’m talking almost word for word or at least know the subject matter. They shape the service and we were unpleasantly surprised with the tone of our service. If we were to go back and do it again we would spend more time considering the right person to officiate our big day and have it be way more personal.

We did add a unity candle lighting  and had a friend of mine sing “the wedding song” during it — it was beautiful and we loved that part.




The reception! Great food and lots of dancing!




Photography by: Dan Cook


8 bridesmaids — they wore mismatched mint, lace and chiffon dresses from David’s Bridal.




Spend more time on finding the right person to officiate the wedding, hire a videographer, not spend as much on bridesmaid gifts (only buy them one meaningful thing. I spent way too much stuff on things they probably have in their junk drawer right now.)



Focus on what will shape the tone and day of your wedding — don’t get caught up in the small details that people will likely never remember, stay organized and know it’s going to be the best day of your life no matter what.


A few years later, Hattie and Alex are also new parents to a beautiful baby boy. Hattie is a news anchor in Columbus, Ohio and her hubby is in law school.


Florist: The Inn at Leola Village

DJ/Band: VIP DJ Entertainment

Planner: The Inn at Leola Village

Venue: The Inn at Leola Village

Makeup: Mandy Katherina

Hair: Nancy Katherina

Caterer: The Inn at Leola Village

Photographer: Family Friend, Dan Cook



Real Wedding: Brooke and Brian


It’s time for our FIRST REAL bride and real wedding of the month on the Bridesy Blog. I am so excited to share this special love story with all of you. I am lucky enough to call Brooke one of my best friends and one of my bridesmaids. Brian, Brookes’ husband, is my fiance’s best friend, hence how I became so close with Brooke.

Brooke was there with me when I found BOTH of my wedding gowns. I think she’s lucky, to say the least.brooke.jpg

I didn’t meet Brooke and Brian until a few years after their big day so looking back on her photos was so special to me! Seeing them so happy and in love truly warms my heart. 

This couple exemplifies what true love really is. They are such amazing friends, wonderful parents and even better human beings.


Brooke & Brian Fontenot: June 26, 2011


Photography: Jay Faugot


Brian and I met through a mutual friend during college. We are both from Lafayette, Louisiana but we went to different high schools.


Brian and I planned to go on a quick weekend camping trip. The week of the trip, the weather started to warm up, so I was hesitant about going. I even complained to my mom because Brian was so insistent on going anyway! Needless to say, she didn’t talk to me very much because she’s not the best secret-keeper. We got to the campsite, set up our tent, and enjoyed the views. I remember I was trying to complete some school work while he started cooking. I also remember that he would NOT sit still. I even told him that he needed to just sit and relax. At one point, I noticed he kept going back to his truck. He emerges from the truck wiping his hands with a small towel which was odd because there were paper towels near the cooking supplies (and easily accessible for that matter). I blew it off. He FINALLY sat down, but I could sense something was off.


After a few minutes of silence, I look up to see him going down on one knee! I can’t really remember what exact words came out of his mouth… But there he was, down on his knee with a sparkly ring. Did I cry? OF COURSE I DID! After saying yes and jumping and screaming in excitement, Brian asked me if I knew. I looked down at my hand that now was adorned with a beautiful ring… and CHIPPED NAIL POLISH! Of COURSE I had no clue. My nails most certainly would not have looked that awful (see pic below and remember 2010 was before selfies were a thing)! A side note: I never get my nails done which is why there was leftover polish on them! I will never forget that day! It was unexpected and perfect!


BUDGETING! Geez everything is so expensive. Selecting where to splurge and what to sacrifice was so hard. 





Photography: Jay Faugot


Our ceremony was at Asbury Methodist Church. It was a super simple Methodist ceremony. The music (as orchestrated and selected by my dad) was out of this world! I did NOT want Canon in D (insert many eye rolls here, but I absolutely ADORE that song).




The reception was the most fun, of course! The music and food were amazing! I LOVED my flowers and invitations. They were perfect!!!


I had 7 bridesmaids. They were short, yellow dresses with a sweetheart neckline.



HIRE A VIDEOGRAPHER! We hired a friend. It’s awful. It’s not edited. I could go on, but I’ll stop…




Photography: Jay Faugot


Though it is so hard and hectic, take time to enjoy the process. The amount of work and effort and money that goes into a few hours is tremendous, so it’s important to also enjoy the journey to get there because it’s over in a blink!


Almost a decade later, these two are parents to two of the cutest little boys, Henry (5) and William (2). They work and live in Lafayette, Louisiana.



Florist: Flowers Etc.
DJ/Band: First Class Band
Planner: Melissa from Flowers Etc. helped plan, but I didn’t have an official planner. She was, however, amazing!
Venue: Asbury Methodist Church (ceremony) & Petroleum Club of Lafayette (reception)
Hair: Robert M’s
Caterer: Petroleum Club & iMonelli
Photographer: Jay Faugot