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Picking your wedding dress! Do’s and Don’ts!

One of the most exciting things about getting engaged is shopping for the perfect wedding dress! We have the top do’s and don’ts you’ll want to take into consideration before choosing the ONE!

Real Wedding: Samantha & Zack


This month we’re featuring a beautiful Columbus bride and her new husband! Ever since I moved to Ohio, I have been in awe of all the beautiful architecture, old buildings and history. Columbus, is truly a magical place. This couple got married in one of the most majestic buildings in the city. Samantha is a local fashion blogger and business owner with an awesome sense of style! {No doubt her wedding would be picture perfect.} Let’s take a look at their big day!

samanthanadzack.jpgApril 27, 2019

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Lauren Lee Photography

“We met at a Christmas party when I was on break from college in 2015. We’re both from the same hometown of East Liverpool Ohio but never knew each other growing up. We went to neighboring high schools and Zack is two years older than me. We just built a house in Columbus and plan on staying here a while!”

theproposal.jpgHis uncle is the Chief of Police and he said we had an award ceremony to attend at the state house for him! When we arrived I quickly realized Zack and I were the only ones there! He got down on one knee in the middle of the rotunda and asked me to marry him. {Which is where our wedding ceremony also took place!} He also had a photographer there to capture the entire thing!

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 1.27.20 PM.png

After he said we were meeting our families the next morning for brunch and he had plans for us to have a little private dinner at my favorite restaurant, the Guild House! When we arrived, both our families were there to surprise me! It was the most perfect day.venue.jpg

Our wedding was at The State House in downtown Columbus. We had a very classic, formal wedding. We wanted it to be timeless!

TheDressWhere: La Jeune MarieeDesigner: Caroline Herrera 

My consultant was Cait Rudolph and I can’t say enough amazing things about her! She styled me from head to toe and knew exactly what I wanted / needed. The La Jeune Mariee store is like being in a fairytale everyone there is incredible, and they have the most amazing selection of dresses!

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Lauren Lee Photography


We had a vision from day one-simple, classic, timeless- so all the details came together a lot easier then expected.


Samantha + Zack Wedding

Samantha + Zack Wedding

I did have a very hard time finding bridesmaid dresses I liked. I didn’t want the girls in “typical brides maid “dresses.  I wanted elegant and classy. I had 2 maids of honor and 5 bridesmaids (7 total). They wore black long, slinky and form fitting dresses. They were actually not bridesmaid dresses, just evening gowns from Nordstrom by the brand Lulu. I loved the dresses we ended up going with! They were perfect.


Our service was religious, simple and 30 min in the rotunda of the State House (where Zack purposed). We had a very close family friend perform the ceremony, who actually only became ordained just so he could marry us! It was very personal and special.

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Lauren Lee Photography

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Samantha + Zack Wedding



“Our reception for sure! I could really feel the love from every single person in the room. We had an amazing band so there wasn’t one person not on the dance floor all night. Everyone had so much fun.”

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Lauren Lee Photography

whattochange.jpg“Absolutely nothing! Our day was so relaxing and smooth from start to finish. We had an amazing planner and tons of help from our families that made the day happen without one single hiccup!”

Here is a link to their wedding video!


advice.jpgStay organized! Get bins or boxes and separate everything you need for the big day in categories like “morning of”, “ceremony” , “details for photographer” and so on and label all the boxes accordingly!  Also make an itinerary or list of how you’d like your day of timeline to go and email it out to all your vendors and share it with bridesmaids as well that way everyone’s on the same page! Day of wedding advice: Give yourself a cushion on your timeline of at least 30min-1 hour that way incase anything needs to changed you won’t be rushed!

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Lauren Lee Photography

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Sam now lives in Columbus with her husband, Zack and their little dog, Manhattan. Sam runs a blog and online clothing store while Zack works for the city. We wish them the happiest marriage and can’t wait to follow up with them in the future!


Florist: Ashleys Floral 

DJ/Band: Blue Water Kings 

Planner: Sylvie Douglas / Haley Melcher 

Venue: The State House 

Makeup: Reference 

Hair: Reference 

Caterer: Metro Cuisine / Milos 

Photographer: Lauren Lee Photography 

Videographer: Wedding Stories in Motion

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Wedding Planning: What’s first

You’re engaged! You celebrated and now its time to get down to business. We have the first two major things you NEED to do before you start planning your big day!

Welcome to Bridesy!


It’s been quite the whirlwind over the past few months. The day is finally here! I am so excited to share with you, Bridesy and THE BRIDESY BLOG! Okay, so some of you may be thinking, well…I’m not engaged. This blog isn’t just for brides or newly engaged couples…we’re going to talk about beauty, trends, photography, planning, marketing, social media, food (yes food!), fashion and weddings! If you’re in a wedding coming up, if you’re the mother of a bride, a sister, a newlywed or just a gal in love with all things bridal, this is the blog for you! 

As a bride-to-be myself, (Less than 3 weeks until the big day…ahhh!)  I am fully immersed in everything wedding and bridal. Ever since my fiancé and I got engaged in 2017 (I will have whole blog post about our proposal!), I have fallen in love with the wedding planning process and all things bridal! I love to write, tell stories and take pictures…so I knew a blog would be a perfect way for me to share with YOU my experiences and the things I have learned along the way.

I started a YouTube special called “Wedding Wednesdays” where I would share something new in my wedding planning process once a week. (I will link the videos below for you to watch for some extra inspiration!) I halted my Wedding Wednesdays to launch, Bridesy! So, now I can blend the two into one!  


While planning my wedding, I was constantly looking for ways to save money. I think we all can relate, right? I am always looking for a good bargain. (because I do have expensive taste sometimes and honestly being an adult isn’t cheap!) I also didn’t realize how much money this extravagant night was going to cost! So, all things aside, I was constantly online or in thrift stores looking for a cute white dress for my rehearsal dinner, some décor for my reception, shoes for a shower or jewelry for the big day. I kept thinking to myself, “Oh man, if only there was one place where I could go to shop all things bridal!”. (Not necessarily gowns but dresses for my bridal events, fun clothes for my bachelorette party and even décor for my reception that didn’t break the bank.) 


I was always thumbing through resale apps on my phone looking for used dresses I knew other brides would never wear again. (because in all honestly, how many times do we wear a white dress or a white gown? Am I right?) I quickly hopped online and searched frantically for what I was looking for.

There are some resell shops out there for brides but… Nothinglikethis

It was November 11th, the day before our one-year engagement anniversary. I texted my fiancé and said “Hey, I have an idea and its EPIC, hear me out!”. We started brainstorming ideas and playing with names. I texted my sister and she helped me finalize the vision, BRIDESY!

My sister, Renee, went to school for graphic design, art and marketing, so she immediately got moving on our design and website! Just 4 days later we were a registered business and working LLC! What originally was going to begin as an app, is now a full-fledged website and blog. (APP coming soon, that’s a whole different beast.)

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Brightside Pictures, we created a little video to show you what we’re all about!


Four months later, we are in motion! I am so excited for the future of Bridesy, LLC. I am excited to help brides find gorgeous additions to their wedding décor, cute dresses for their events and jewelry for their big day at 60% off retail. I am so excited for newlyweds to be able resell their goodies and make some extra cash after their wedding! All in all, this is a win for EVERYONE. I know wedding planning can get overwhelming, so were here to help save you money and help you look fabulous! 


So there it is! Cheers to 2019 babes; a year full of weddings, saving money, making money and sharing tons of inspiration. 

Thanks for visiting!  See you next week.



Post Wedding Name Change; HOW TO!


I am married! How in the heck do I start this name change thing? The time leading up to the wedding is a LONG process and so will be changing your name, legally!

Samantha + Zack Wedding

Lauren Lee Photography

After my wedding I realized how long this name change process could take so I immediately started. As for me, I had to order a new social security card, so my process extended an extra month. But for most of you it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, some tedious forms and some patience.

I want to make sure you newlyweds out there are prepared for what’s ahead after you tie the knot! Here is a step by step explanation of how to start the name change process stress free! It is time consuming but once you finish step 1 and 2 the rest should be simple.

step one

First you will need a copy of your marriage certificate. This is completely different than your marriage license! Once the state receives your license they will certify it and send you your marriage certificate. (You are not “legally” married until you get this document) Also, make sure you’re not in a city or state where you need to physically go to get it certified. {Many states don’t require your presence after your get your license but some may so make a call before the wedding to check.}


SSM Photography


Now that you have that, it’s time to change your name on your social security card. Go to the social security office (mark off some time, there is usually a long line). You will need your marriage certificate, (proof of your name change), proof of U.S. Citizenship (i.e social security card or passport), U.S. Drivers license and another document with your full name and social (i.e work check stub, tax document like W-2). You must present the ORIGINAL documents, not copies.



Now let’s move on to your license. License changes require different documents in different states. Check with your states OMV/DMV to see what you need to change your name on your license. Usually, it will be your social security card, license and proof of residency.


Passport! This isn’t something you need to do but if you plan on traveling out of the country you might as well get it done sooner than later. The process can take up to 2 months.

You need the form online DS-11. You can get that here. Evidence of U.S.Residency. You also need your original name change document (your marriage certificate). Valid ID. and lastly, a color passport photo.




Change everything else! Make sure all your credit cards, bank accounts, airline apps ect are switched as well!

If you don’t have time for any of this or get overwhelmed easily there are services that will do it for you. There are services that make it as easy ad painless as possible for the busy Mrs. We’ve linked some of those companies below for your convenience!

  1. Hitch Switch
  2. Miss Now Mrs
  3. I’m a Mrs
  4. Easy Name Change
  5. Name Change Kit

Congrats on your recent wedding and cheers to life married!



Real Bride: Jackie

This bride is so beautiful inside and out. The couple had a destination wedding that was one to remember. The greenery, backdrop for the ceremony, lush landscape and sunshine made for some STUNNING photographs. This couple had a little fun with their invites and of course let loose on their big day too. You can tell by their photos how much fun they had. Jackie’s boho chic hair and flowy dress was perfect for their outdoor Arizona nuptials. We can’t wait to share their love story!

Wedding Date: May 4, 2019



 We met freshman year of college at Ohio University in our dorm.


We are from Cleveland and New Lexington, Ohio but both live in Columbus now.


We always do a bus trip to Athens with all of our friends every year for his birthday. We planned it like normal, but he also secretly planned an entirely separate bus with my family and best girl friends on it that surprised us when we got to OU. We went to take a group photo and my sister popped out then my other girlfriend. I was so confused, I looked up and there he was on one knee.


“I had 10 bridesmaids! I gave them a color palette of gold, mauve, and pale pink and they got to choose their dresses.”






Jackie got her dress from Luxe Redux bridal boutique in Short North.

“Chelsea was so amazing and truly made you feel so special.”


We got married in Scottsdale, Arizona. The venue is actually a chic restaurant with two different venues in the back. The ceremony was outdoors, followed by a cocktail hour on the patio. Then we moved inside for the reception and danced the night away.






We had a destination wedding. So trusting the details to everyone else was a must! Fortunately, our photographer was AMAZING, so prepared and detail oriented.





“We had our ceremony outside at the same venue as the reception- El Chorro. My brother was the officiant and he surprised us with the most special ceremony.”







“The ceremony hosted by my brother and Tyler’s vows. Also, our dueling pianos at the reception.”





“Take a step back and breath. Everyone will have an opinion on what you should do, but remember this is your day! Do what you and your future spouse envision for your day.”


Florist: Sarah’s Garden Florist

DJ/Band: Black and Whyte dueling pianos

Planner: Outstanding Occasions

Venue:El Chorro

Makeup: Monique Flores

Hair: Monique Flores

Caterer: El Chorro

Photographer: Devon Stoebe Photography

Videographer: Tara Nichole Photo


Real Wedding: Ashley and Todd



It’s time to highlight one of my favorite and most cherished weddings so far in my life; Ashley and Todd’s wedding. Ashley and I have been friends since 7th grade. We’ve been through it all. From bad breakups, trying new things, getting in trouble, finding love, wedding dress shopping and countless moves, we’ve continued to stay close.

I was honored to be Ashley’s Maid of Honor at her wedding and she was my Matron of Honor at mine.


I remember the day Ashley told me about Todd. We were in college and she said he was “special” and that this time it was different. Well, 10 years later they are still going strong.

Ashley is the one constant in my life who before, Adam, was there for me no matter what. She’s an amazing person, friend, dog mom and wife. They always tell you to surround yourself with people who make you a better person, and she surely does.

So let’s get to it.

Ashley and Todd Lisowski June 25, 2016


I am from outside of Philadelphia, he is from a small town in Ohio. I lived with his first cousin and met his entire family through her. After spending some time with her aunts and uncles, her uncle introduced me to his son. We hit it off immediately and are still together 10 years later.




He can’t keep a secret. I knew it was coming, but not at the moment it did. I walked into our condo in Capitol Hill DC and there he was on his knee saying “Smashie, let’s get married!”



Country Bride and Gent, it was the BEST experience and they helped me pick my absolute dream dress!





Trying to make your family happy and learning so much about your wedding is more about making other people happy than doing what you want.


George Street Photography


Catholic Church, full mass. I wouldn’t recommend a full mass, it was way too long.



Seeing everyone that has made us who we are today together in one room.


George Street Photography


7 bridesmaids, they wore black long dresses with tulle and sparkles.



Not listen to everyone else’s opinion and do what felt right to me: i.e. full mass, don’t do a receiving line.



Have fun and remember what this whole thing is actually about. Don’t go broke trying to plan the perfect day, because it will be perfect with or without that extra thing no one else really cares about anyway. The day is about you and your spouse and your family/friends coming together as one. At the end of the day, when the party is over, you have each other, that is what the day is about. So enjoy the planning and don’t get stressed out over the little things, that’s not what the day is about.


George Street Photography

After a decade of dating and a wedding for the ages, Ashley and Todd now live and work in Columbus, Ohio. They are parents to a little pup named Ziggy!


Florist: Small florist in North Wales, PA. She was FANTASTIC! Her name is Jennifer, but not sure the rest of her info.

Band: Jellyroll. (They were worth every single penny! They kept my guests dancing and learned how to play every song that was important to us.)

Planner: None

Venue: Normandy Farm Hotel

Makeup: Local Philadelphia artist, I forget her name, but she was great!

Caterer: Normandy Farm

Photographer: George Street. (Honestly, they were AWFUL. I thought because they are a corporate company they really couldn’t screw it up. I didn’t get a single picture with my mom, my brother, my maid of honor, and we didn’t do any pictures outside at the venue, which is exactly why I wanted to get married there. He was absolutely awful and I would never recommend.)

Videographer: George Street (as with the photographer, the videographer was awful. During the reception we were about to go over time by 1 hour, we approved it but in order for him to ensure he would get paid he made us write down the approval on a napkin in the middle of the speeches. DO NOT USE GEORGE STREET.)

My weddings over! 5 lessons I learned…

I’m sharing my top 5 lessons I learned while planning my wedding. I am also sharing some never before seen photos from our big day.